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Entre Chien et Loup

I like plenty of affection and food, and certain kinds of play. A long walk in the countryside is usually enough to make me happy. Any weather is good, but mist is the most exciting.

I can generally tell when humans are happy and unhappy, but I can't fathom why. I'd like to run with the wild pack but I know it would never really work. When I twitch when sleeping, that's probably what I'm dreaming about.

alpha centauri, amber benson, analogue synthesizers, barbara flynn, barbarella, ben&jerry's, big time sensuality, bisexual visibility, bisexuality, black sheep ale, borders, breasts, brooklyn, buddhism, buffy, byzantium, cabriolets, candlelit baths, cary elwes, change, chocolate, civil liberties, civil partnerships, coffee, coloured glass, cotes du rhone, cuddling, culture, cycling, dark chocolate, david hockney, david lodge, diversity, diy, dogs, empire building, enlightenment, ethics, europe, fallen angels, fellwalking, feminism, fifth element, france, french films, fry and laurie, geoffrey hill, good food, graphic design, green tea, gromit, hattifatteners, hitch hiker's guide, how to do better, hugs, ideas, informatics, intimacy, jacuzzis, java, jdo, jean cocteau, kandinsky, kissing, labradors, language, lego, linux, long hair, maps, memes, men, mental models, mercedes, migglezimblatt the wombat, mist, modern art, moomins, moon on a stick, multics, new technology, new york city, newcastle, non-monogamy, northern exposure, nudity, oracles, other planets, outlandish words, over thirty, parallelism, paris, people, pesto, poetry, postmodernism, princess bride, prog rock, project management, rain, recondite interests, relationships, ruined buildings, sandman, secret passages, serendipity, serf, sex, sexuality, sibelius, silk shirts, sims2, soc.bi, socialism, spaces, star cops, starlight, subway, surreal humour, swimming, synergy, ted hughes, thailand, the eightfold path, the eu, the future, the groke, theravada, things only i understand, tintin, tiramisu, tour de france, travel, twilight, twin peaks, tyneside, underground houses, usenet, vangelis, web design, what makes people tick, white roses, wine, wombats, women, writing, xena, yes, yorkshire, zen