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As we're off for a holiday in Touraine in a couple of weeks, I made a list of things I like about France. Neccessarily incomplete.

  • Good food, made from the best ingredients, with plenty of time spent on its creation and its eating

  • Huge open tracts of countryside

  • The Tour de France

  • The confidence to undertake huge civil engineering projects with imaginative and bold architecture

  • Renault cars

  • Warmer than England

  • Friendly people (as long as you make some attempt to speak French)

  • People who are more hedonist than puritan

  • Well-developed sense of style

  • More respect for scientists, engineers and intellectual pursuits than the UK

  • The courage to stand up to American imperialism

  • Lack of hangups about nudity and sexuality

  • Emphasis on liberty, equality and brotherhood rather than individual rights

  • Excellent free health service, willingness to invest in welfare, education and infrastructure

  • No royal family

  • Fast trains

  • Asterix

  • Empty motorways

  • Lots of public art

  • Paris, Luneville, Annecy, the Camargue, St. Malo, the Mont St. Michel

  • Mammouth hypermarkets

  • Warm fresh baguettes

  • Champagne, Chateauneuf du Pape premier cru, Calvados, Kronenbourg

  • Croissants, Roquefort, Yoplait, Lait Mont Blanc, moules-frites, galettes de sarasin, glace mystere, crepes grand marnier flambe au chantilly.

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